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Metaphysical and Magickal Amulets, Talismans, and Pendants.
All items are handcrafted in the USA by Pepi and Company
or in the UK by Alchemy Gothic

About Pepi and Company

Pepi and Co. utilizes a unique finishing process resulting in one of the most beautiful lines of jewelry you can find! Pepi and Co. enlists the creative energies of select artists and sculptors to develop and design each original piece. Concepts for designs are carefully researched for authenticity and historical relevance, utilizing historical and mystical texts including The Key of Solomon, The Qabalah, The Black Pullet, Greek, and Norse Mythologies. The resources are too numerous to mention and the research library keeps growing! Pepi's goal is to bring you beautifully interpreted, esoterically sensitive, quality designs created by highly skilled craftspeople.

About Alchemy Gothic...The Original Revivalists

All Alchemy Gothic products are conceived and designed in England by Alchemy Carta, and all pewter products are made in England in the Alchemy workshops.  The metal used in the manufacture of Alchemy Gothic pewter products is of the highest grade, 92% tin alloy (to BSS5140 standard), known as "English Pewter."  You can find many detailed articles on the symbols, backgrounds, history, and characters behind Alchemy Gothic's subjects, designs, and art online at

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You may also be interested in our  Cult of Isis Talisman
Winged Isis Goddess Pendant Talisman - handcrafted by Pepi and Company

Isis is the Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility and the sister and wife of the God Osiris. She symbolizes the Moon and is also described as an Enchantress and Goddess of Magic. She is said to possess great magical skills, especially in the use of "words of power." Isis is credited with teaching the secrets of medicine to mankind. She is one of the few Egyptian deities to be depicted with wings, which some say represent the wind but are also aspects of the nurturing, protective qualities of the Goddess.

Isis, Egyptian Enchantress and Goddess of Magic Talisman - Holding the Solar Disk

It is impossible to list all of the attributes of Isis here - she possesses the powers of a water goddess, an earth goddess, a star goddess, a queen of the Underworld, and perhaps most significant of them all, a woman.

....includes 36" cord, accent bead and booklet explaining This the history and use of the symbol or talisman.

Isis, the Winged Goddess is 1 1/2" in diameter

19.99 USD
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Winged Isis Magick Egyptian Goddess Talisman by Pepi and Co - Great Egyptian and Universal Goddess.
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