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Fehu Rune of Prosperity Pentacle Talisman by Pepi and Company - Prosperity, Wealth, and Riches
Fehu Nordic Viking Rune Pendant Necklace

Rune of Fulfillment, Prosperity, Wealth, and Riches

This handcrafted item was created out of the finest excelsior (leadfree) pewter by Pepi and Co. in the USA

The rune of fulfillment.  Consolidates relationships and hastens affairs to their next stage.  The source of prosperity, increased wealth, and fulfilled wishes.

Letter F - first letter in the Runic Alphabet
Translation: Cattle
Meaning: Wealth
Keywords: Becoming, Creation, Money

Magical Use: Helps channel and govern the elemental fires, the Primal Energy that enhances strength, ambition, and raw sexual power

Casting Meaning: Rune of fulfillment, aspirations satisfied, love fulfilled, and rewards received. Fehu calls for deep probing of the meaning of the profit and gain in your life. Look with care to know whether it is possessions you require for your wll being or the wealth of life's experiences that helps you become a beneficial presence within the world.

Also includes information on the runes casting meaning, key words, translation, more... includes 36" cord, accent bead and booklet

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