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Magickal Sun Talisman Pendant Necklace
handcrafted in the USA by Pepi and Company

The Sun was considered to be the first of the seven fabled planets of the ancients. The influence of the Sun is said to help the heart, spine and thymus and to fight off all diseases caused by bacteria. The Sun helps one acquire fame, secure honor, and gain riches. It gives one absolute freedom of thought and action, clear judgment, dexterity of speed and to find favor. This talisman consists of the fourth and sixth pentacle of the Sun...others will be attracted to your divine radiance.
Said to:

Enable the possessor to see others as they really are, not as they pretend to be.

Provides invisibility at the possessors request.

Increase money, hope, health, and high office.

Bring success and acquire fame, clear judgment, and dexterity of speech.

Promote freedom from setbacks and problems.

Bring the hidden into the light.

Ensure recognition and incredible popularity.

Thought to be widely used by royalty, heads of state, owners of business empires, and world leaders.

This talisman consists of the fourth and sixth pentacle of the Sun...others will be attracted to your divine radiance.

....includes 36" cord, accent bead and booklet explaining the history and use of the symbol or talisman.

The Sun Talisman is 1 & 3/8 inches diameter
Talisman of the Sun - Attain Fame, Success, Confidence, Fortune, Attract Others, and become popular. Solomon Sun Pentacle Pendant Amulet
Magickal Sun Talisman Pendant Necklace handcrafted by Pepi and Company - Fame, Success, Confidence, Fortune, Attraction, & Prosperity
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My order arrived this morning and I am thrilled! Thank you so much Dena, you have the best customer service of any site I have ever shopped at and that's saying something because I shop online a lot. Thank you again!

BR, Oregon, USA ~ about the Ankh of the Dead Talisman

Very fast, very pleased. Excellentus maximus!!! Thank you.


See another new comment about the Artemis Moon Goddess Talisman
Gave it to two friends and saw the POWER work - AMAZING

Lovely workmanship
& fast secure shipping!

Sehr schnelle lieferung, alles super, fast sending, cool people ;-) Thank you

D.S., Germany
Beautifully rendered talisman, quick shipping, great contact! A new fav!:)


Xlnt seller - responsive and quick shipper - thanks very much! Ring is perfect!


Fast reply, FANTASTIC !!! Very friendly & professional. THE BEST!!! Thanks!

High quality product. Heavy item, not like other wiccan pendants. 100% Satisfied
Outstanding! Actual item is even more impressive than the picture!


New Comment!

The Sun Talisman is so much nicer than I had hoped for!!  It's heavy, the details are clear, and it's a very attractive piece.  You have been so helpful and patient with me and all of my questions and I truly appreciate your time.  JH, Wisconsin
FREE Shipping in the US, Low Cost International Global Priority Shipping - worldwide
$20.99 USD
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