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lunar phases
Very fast, very pleased. Excellentus maximus!!! Thank you.

Lovely workmanship
& fast secure shipping!

Sehr schnelle lieferung, alles super, fast sending, cool people ;-) Thank you

D.S., Germany
Gave it to two friends and saw the POWER work - AMAZING

Beautifully rendered talisman, quick shipping, great contact! A new fav!:)


Fast reply, FANTASTIC !!! Very friendly & professional. THE BEST!!! Thanks!

High quality product. Heavy item, not like other wiccan pendants. 100% Satisfied
Located in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Bay, FL area
Outstanding! Actual item is even more impressive than the picture!


Xlnt seller - responsive and quick shipper - thanks very much! Ring is perfect!



Hi Dena,

I love your candles so very much. I have ordered many from you and they are wonderful.

Blessed be!

I am pleased to share my passion with you... Handcrafted Crystal Journey, Coventry Creations Candles, and Sunbeam Candles - I love these candles!

Please click on the product links to read more about the items you are interested in. Each item will open in a new window.  Simply close the window to return to the Candle index.

Shipping for the candles is for US customers only! Please email for an international quote.

Venus Illuminated is undergoing an extensive rebuild and some pages and links may be broken. We are working to fix everything and will be adding many new products in 2016. Please visit our new candle site for ease of shopping and greater variety.

Magick Spell Candles

Thanks so much!

Crystal Journey Reiki Meditation- Manifestation Herbal Magic Candles

Crystal Journey candles are made with all natural ingredients, and scented with unique blends of essential oils.  We are currently offering Crystal Journey Reiki-charged candles, including the complete Herbal Magic Line in both votives and Pillars. For fun gift giving, we are also offering candle sets made by Crystal Journey. We will special order any other Crystal Journey product you are interested in and will have many more of their products available in the future.

The Reiki-charged, hand-poured candles come with their own affirmations, burn clean, and have the perfect scent for the meditation.  Everytime we use these candles we fall in love with them all over again...once you've tried these specialty candles you will know why we prefer these above all others...

Crystal Journey Reiki-charged Votive candles

Crystal Journey Reiki-charged Pillar candles

New! Crystal Journey Candle Gift Sets

New! Crystal Journey Herbal Magic
Soy Candles - Filled Glass Votives

New! All Natural Crystal Journey Candles - 70 new varieties!! Comes with Ritual information (written by Dena L Moore)

New! All Natural Crystal Journey 16 oz Jar Candles - Reiki-charged & Traditional

New! All Natural Crystal Journey 11 oz SOY Candles

Crystal Journey Dual-colored, two-scented Aromatherapy candles - votives & pillars
Crystal Journey Reiki Meditation- Manifestaion Herbal Magic Candles
I have a passion for candles...the flickering flame, the energy surrounding me...
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