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Wellstone Jewelry
Wellstone presents symbolic, metaphysical and new age jewelry collections in a variety of themes including wicca, pagan, goddess, tarot, angel, celtic, totem, pregnancy and birthing. Designs crafted in sterling silver or 14k gold; most incorporate beautiful gems. Made in USA since 1978.

Venus Illuminated...Gifts for the Soul
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Through Night's Fire Astrology

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Through Night's Fire Astrology is dedicated to the study of Love, Karma, Sex, and Relationship.  Offering free Love Scopes, a Moon ritual newsletter, Sex Scopes, an abundance of information on relationship astrology, a Love Forum, Sex in the 12 houses, so very much more!
Shopping and Gifts
Psychic Readings, Ritual Guidance, Oracle Readings, Healing, and Tarot
Spiritual Psychic Readings, Guidance, and Consultations.  Love Spell of the Month!  Dedicated to Venus.
Witchy Mall
A Witchy Search Engine

Poetry & Writing
Dena's Poetry - Poetry of Love, Loss, and the Occult
The Faery's Whimsy
Beautiful Fantasy Art Prints & Tiles by Noted Artists, Sterling Silver Fantasy Jewelry, Fantasy & Wiccan Accessories, enchanting Tuned Wind Chimes by Woodstock & Grace Note, everything that attracts the Faery fancy can be found online at Faery’s Whimsy!
Gothic Shadows
The sibling realms of Goth & Fantasy become a single plane. Gothic Jewelry, Fantasy Jewelry, Fantasy  &  Gothic   Art Prints, High Gothic Giftware available online at Gothic Shadows
Fine collectible Fantasy knives & Fantasy swords by master artists Kit Rae & Gil Hibben and all manner of fantasy items to satisfy a wizard's whimsy. Seer stones, enchanting wind chimes, beautiful Fantasy & Gothic jewelry, and wonderful Fantasy prints & ceramic tiles by noted artists are here for you online at Wizard's Whimsy!
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Crystal Clarity Psychic Readings
Health and beauty products
Shop online for a wide selection of health and beauty skin care and hair care products at low internet prices and fast home delivery service

Genuine Baltic Amber - Free worldwide shipping

Feng Shui
Great feng shui products and feng shui tips at
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Crochet Memories
We specialize in original crochet patterns for every occasion with e-patterns available for immediate delivery.  Stop by and browse our vast selection with free newsletter and free patterns.

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